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Our Services

Carefully Screened Providers, Discounted Services

We do the work to identify reliable and trustworthy providers who offer home maintenance services, carpentry, plumbing, painting, yard work, in-home health care, housecleaning, bill paying and more. Many are service providers specifically recommended by your friends and neighbors, providers who have worked in the area and are familiar with your community. We negotiate discounts so that you can have access to all these services at a reduced rate -- discounts that are only available to members of At Home. And we follow up after each call to make certain you were treated promptly and well. If you have ever been stood up by a home repair person or wondered if you were getting a good rate from a reliable company, an At Home membership is for you.

Gourmet To Go

G2G Menu - Valid until February 14, 2017 (.pdf format)

At Home members may order delights direct from the Carleton-Willard dining room, right to their own homes. Each meal will come packaged in microwave friendly containers, flash frozen to preserve freshness, and be delivered weekly. All at a reasonable price. Throw away those cookbooks and let At Home take care of dinner.


Members are entitled to discounted and in some cases free transportation services. Rides must be booked in advance and reservations are made through the office.

Health and Wellness

We support your efforts to stay healthy and active, and arrange for assistance when you need it. We offer exercise opportunities that are exclusive for our members and access to screened, discounted services such as nutrition counseling, home health assistance, home adaptations, and elder care management.

Social Activities

Perhaps the most important part of community life is the connection you make with friends old and new. We offer our members a regular calendar of cultural and social events, some free of charge and some fee-based, tailored to your interests. From neighborhood walks to a tasting dinner at a local restaurant to discounted group tickets to the theatre, we make sure you have opportunities to get together with other Carleton-Willard At Home members.